“The Government’s Best Kept Secret”: Dale Gump and the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps

Recorded June 1, 2018 Archived June 1, 2018 16:41 minutes
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Ensign Dale Gump, a Commissioned Officer within NOAA Corps, talks to Nathaniel Janick for the American Geophysical Union’s Paths Through Science project about the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, his work aboard the NOAAS Thomas Jefferson, and advice on successful careers in Earth and environmental sciences. We’ll have a write-up and make the audio of the interview available soon, but for now, you can view a preview on Paths Through Science. A transcript, as well as a link to an article featuring this interview, can be found by visiting Dale Gump’s AGU Paths Through Science page, https://careers.agu.org/profiles/dale-gump/.


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