The Key to Corprate Success

Recorded January 14, 2019 Archived January 14, 2019 10:42 minutes
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“It’s not about the hardships we’re faced with, but it’s how we get over them.” On January 8th 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Oliver Pozil sat down with his father, Bennett Pozil to find out what the key to success is and how to overcome hardships. After going to San Luis Obispo college, Bennett Pozil decoded he wanted to be a banker. He found a job at Bank of America and decided he wanted more. He moved up the corprate ladder until he decided to move to East West Bank. In this interview, Bennett talks about his mentors along the way and what he did in order to become a successful banker. At 7:50 Bennett tells us about his first mentor, Mike Wahlberg and how he was one of the first people to teach him what it takes to progress in a corprate world and how to set standard for yourself.


  • Bennett Pozil
  • Oliver Pozil

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