Taryn Sanborn learned what life was like for Douglas Glenn in the military, and during his childhood.

Recorded November 21, 2017 Archived November 21, 2017 31:21 minutes
Id: APP374013


In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Eureka, California, Taryn Sanborn (16) interviews her family friend Douglas Glenn (61) about his childhood and his adventure in the military. Doug shares stories about learning how to deal with getting a job after the military, and also what his childhood was like. He also talks about what kind of trouble he would get in and how he would have to deal with his dad instead of the cops because of how small of a town he lived in. A really important story he told me about was a time when he got very sick and he said it is something he wouldn't forget. At the end of the interview I had him tell me a story and it was nice to have him take control of the interview. I am glad I had the opportunity to learn new things.


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