Min Hwang interviews Jenna DiSalvio about her life as a teacher and her family.

Recorded December 7, 2021 Archived December 7, 2021 24:39 minutes
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In this interview conducted in December 2021 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Min Hwang interviews his orchestra teacher, Jenna DiSalvio, about her life as a teacher, her family, and her values. Ms. DiSalvio talks about the start of her career at her old district where she proceeded to expand the previously small choir program into a thriving one. She also talks about her favorite and prideful times as a teacher including Min's Freshman year orchestra concert where he and his peers performed difficult music such as themes from the Nutcracker ballet. She discloses personal information about her divorce and how that has affected her and her daughters and what she has learned. Towards second half of the interview, Ms. DiSalvio talks about how she handles her regrets and gives advice for how to do the same.


  • Min Hwang
  • Jenna DiSalvio

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