The LA Disaster

Recorded January 25, 2019 Archived January 25, 2019 11:02 minutes
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“We’re reporting on January 17th, 1994 4:31 am, we have just felt an extreme earthquake. We are hoping that everyone is safe and unhurt.” People realized that we were a community and in need of helping each and every person in our neighborhood, and we say we need to work together next time this happens again, as everyone else in LA county also experienced the same disaster and pain as we did. Living in the San Fernando Valley within Los Angeles, Barry happened to feel and experience the Northridge quake that caused 57 deaths and injured 8,700. He witnessed people panic and realized that Los Angeles was under extreme terror. And as he describes, our terror could happen again any time soon.


  • Barry
  • Aidan Rosenblum