The Life and Times of Hazel Moore

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Della "Hazel" Moore was born in Johnson City, Tennessee on May 31, 1922, and came to live in Hot Springs, North Carolina shortly after her birth. She died at age 96, . She lived her life and created her legacy researching and sharing the history of her beloved Hot Springs. She was a faithful member of her church, and never lost sight of her belief throughout all her trials and tribulations.

During her lifetime, "Hazel's Beauty Shop" was open for over 63 years where she was the sole owner and operator. Hazel contributed to articles, contributed to the works of other authors, as well as authored two of her own books on the history of Hot Springs. To many people in the community, and around the country, she is known as the Town Historian. After retiring from her beauty shop, Hazel spent her time working at the Hot Springs Library for over seven years. Along with being a beautician, historian, author, and part time librarian, she was also an artist of oil paintings.


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