"The moment when you run over the finish line as a team is one that you’ll never forget in your life." An interview with Thomas Zurbuchen

Recorded September 10, 2019 Archived September 10, 2019 31:56 minutes
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An inspiring physics teacher, a lesson on the Copernican Revolution, and an immense awe sparked by the night sky ignited a passion for learning and research for Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Dr. Zurbuchen shares stories and philosophy around the power of the team, successes and defeats in scientific research, and the impact of scientific collaboration on advancements and solutions that benefit humanity. An astrophysicist by training, Dr. Zurbuchen recognized early on, as a student in a public school in Switzerland, that the knowledge of nature can change how we think and how humanity charts its way forward. Today, he leads teams and partnerships paving the way and setting the speed for scientific exploration. (Recorded 27 August 2019)


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