This Interview is Private.

Why can’t I see this interview?
Because this interview was recorded by a user, the privacy setting of this interview is controlled by that user of the StoryCorps app or Users can set their interview to “public,” “archive users only,” or “only me”

How can I see this interview?
If this interview was set to “archive users only” it can only be accessed by those logged in to Log in or create an account and try again.
If you participated in this interview but you are not the user who uploaded it, you should reach out to the user you recorded with to obtain access.

This is my interview. Why can’t I access it?
Please make sure to log in to your account (remember, the same login information is used for both the StoryCorps App and Once you are logged in, all of your interviews can be found on your profile page.

If you continue to have difficulty accessing your interview, send us a message.