"The Responsibility of Climate Change Data" an interview with Ruth Duerr and Steve Diggs

Recorded January 23, 2019 Archived January 23, 2019 23:16 minutes
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With great data comes great responsibility. Ruth Duerr, a self-described scientific “generalist,” and Steve Diggs, an ocean data specialist, take on years of efforts by scientists to inform the public while stopping short of being policy advisors. As data improves, in both quality and quantity, what role do scientists have in developing public policy? This simple question kicks off a freeform discussion between two longtime colleagues with very different backgrounds. Among their observations is an ongoing separation between being a “right now human” and a “long-term observer” with an unwillingness to merge the two mindsets. Despite all this, each of them demonstrates a cautious optimism about the ability of science to move from analysis to action. (Recorded 10 December 2018)


  • Greg Roth
  • Steven Diggs
  • Ruth Duerr
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