"The Rise of Informatics." an interview with Peter Fox and Sarah Ramdeen

Recorded January 25, 2019 Archived January 25, 2019 20:33 minutes
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In the mid-2000s, a small group of leaders at AGU, including Peter Fox, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, saw an opportunity to shape or reshape how geoscientists work together under a new cross-cutting discipline. As a result, “Earth and space Science Informatics” was born as an AGU section.

In a conversation with Sarah Ramdeen, Ronin Insitute, the colleagues discuss what it takes to launch a new section, engage new disciplines into AGU’s larger community, and work together despite different viewpoints and expertise. As data management techniques evolve to serve the earth sciences, so do the scientists who work together to solve complex problems. (Recorded 10 Decemeber 2018)


  • Peter Fox
  • Sarah Ramdeen
  • Greg Roth
  • AGU Narratives

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