"The Story of a GeoHealth Friendship" an interview with Geoff Plumlee and Aubrey Miller

Recorded March 18, 2019 Archived March 18, 2019 24:00 minutes
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In the mid-1990s, the town of Libby, MT, discovered they had a serious problem. The small town of fewer than 3000 people had reported over 300 fatalities from asbestos contamination. Enter Aubrey Miller, from the EPA, and Geoff Plumlee, from USGS, two scientists from very different backgrounds who would forge a working partnership that has lasted over 20 years. Today they are two of the leaders of AGU’s GeoHealth section, a platform to build better understanding between scientists and health decisions makers. And they’ve been friends ever since. (Recorded 10 December 2018)


  • Aubrey Miller
  • Geoff Plumlee
  • Greg Roth
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