The War at Home: My Mother's story

Recorded May 10, 2018 Archived May 10, 2018 17:57 minutes
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One in three women have experienced domestic violence worldwide; most of this violence is intimate partner violence. Eighteen percent of all relationships are interracial or multicultural. This project focuses solely on my mother's experience and telling her story of survival. Beginning with her experience(s) as a White American woman, raised in a pro-segregation and xenophobic household. The challenges faced when she fell in love with a Panamanian exchange student, followed by her intercultural/interracial marriage and children. Further discussing her history of being ostracized from her family at 18-years-old, causing her to move to a foreign country despite having an abusive and violent partner. Lastly, the obstacles she encountered when she attempted to get help due to political corruption, cultural differences and societal norms.


  • Lisa Miranda
  • Melanie Miranda

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