Theo Lovett and Sharon Gilbert

Recorded April 27, 2023 Archived April 27, 2023 45:25 minutes
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Friends Theo Lovett (47) and Sharon Gilbert (72) reflect on their childhoods, their spiritual journeys, and the people who have had the biggest influences on their lives.

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Sharon talks about her family background.
Theo talks about what his parents were like. He reflects on his mother's healing practices.
Theo talks about what he was like as a child.
Sharon talks about her best friend growing up and her experiences exploring religion as a young child.
Theo reflects on the ways in which he feels different from other people. He reflects on following a spiritual path to a community in California rather than a conventional career path.
Sharon talks about the biggest influences on her life and the teachers who shaped her spiritual path.
Sharon reflects on some of the key lessons she's learned about self-understanding and consciousness.
Theo talks about the biggest influences on his life.
Sharon and Theo talk about the companions that have been kindest to them in their lives. Sharon reflects on experiencing health challenges, befriending the dogs she walked, and the kindness of her mother.
Theo talks about some of his favorite memories of his childhood, including some boat-related escapades.
Sharon talks about how she'd like to be remembered, and she reflect on how her illness has impacted her relationships.
Sharon and Theo reflect on their conceptions of God.
They talk about the big decisions in life that have been guided by their spiritual experiences.


  • Theo Lovett
  • Sharon Gilbert

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