“There are no dumb questions, be confident and know that you are the expert in your field.” an interview with Linette McPartland

Recorded March 6, 2019 Archived March 6, 2019 18:18 minutes
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Imagine this upbringing: only child, suburbs of Maryland, daughter of a mathematician and a pastry chef. If you guessed that child would achieve a management role with NASA’s famed IceBridge2 mission, congratulations, you truly have exceptional foresight. Linette Boisvert McPartland is a longtime research scientist, longer then her youthful appearance or voice would convey perhaps. Balancing that with the need to manage a team while developing your leadership skills as a former researcher is a lot to handle. But, Linette maintains an optimism that more airborne campaigns and yet to come in her future. Also, the best pastry is petit four. (Recorded 14 December 2018)


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