Theresa Kilgore and her grandma Ann-Eda Blache talk about her life and their family legacy

Recorded April 24, 2018 Archived April 24, 2018 23:41 minutes
Id: APP486904


In this interview, held in April 2018 in Orange, CA, Theresa Kilgore (23) interviews her grandma Ann-Eda Blache (82) about her life, their family, and her inspirations. The interview takes place in Ann-Eda’s home, which is two houses away from Theresa’s. She talks about growing up in New York, her many jobs she had over the years, and the people she felt have influenced her most in life. Also present during the interview are Caitlin Albrecht (24), another granddaughter of Ann-Eda’s, and John (Jack) Blache (83), Ann-Eda’s husband.


  • Ann Eda Blache
  • Caitlin Albrecht
  • John Blache

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