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Recorded January 18, 2018 Archived January 18, 2018 38:34 minutes
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I talk with my mom about her life stories, I was really young when we first came here so I didn't know about what happened back in Nepal and India. We talked about how it was growing up and childhood memories. How our grandparents and great grandparents were like. How my mom and dad met and finally about moving to the U.S. The question we had to pick from in the beginning really helped me especially the warm up questions because I didn't know how to start the Interview. The overall interview gives a sense of who the interviewee is if you can understand nepali. I like the finished product because even though we started out bad and had a few interruptions hear and there we finished it off pretty well and I got to learn more about my grandparents and where I was from. What was especially satisfying to me was actually doing the interview because I didn't expect much to learn much but it was really eye opening when I learned about stuff I didn't even know happened. I didn't find anything frustrating about it. I learned that just by trying new things you learn new stuff you didn't know about and you shouldn't be afraid of the unknown. I mostly did my work the way other people in the class did it but just in a different language. If I were the teacher I would ask me to translate the whole thing. I learned about where my mom grew up and how it was like in India and how my mom and dad met, the hardships they had to go through in the refugee camp and how me and my brother were like when we were kids.


  • Pratima Gurung
  • Yogesh Gurung

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