Thomas Currie and Thomas Cole

Recorded June 25, 2021 Archived June 23, 2021 42:46 minutes
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One Small Step partners Thomas "Chris" Currie (46) and Thomas "Montgomery" Cole (33) talk about the intersection between faith and politics.

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TRACK 1 TCC and TMC ask each other questions about their One Small Step biographies.
TCC talks about his decision to participate in a One Small Step conversation. TMC and TCC discuss how their faith connects to their political beliefs.
TCC and TMC talk about how much weight religion carries when it comes to choosing a political party.
TCC talks about his role serving a church that is home to people of varying political beliefs.
TMC talks about a book, Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation.
TCC reflects on the Trump presidency. TMC reflects on the January 6th Insurrection.
TMC talks about disagreements with people who hold different beliefs from him and talks about how he determines his motive in those situations.
TCC talks about how people often connect “God” and “country” as concepts. He suggests that God is larger than America and other Christians should consider that.
TRACK 2 TCC expands more on the people he works with in his congregation.
TMC shares some of his specific beliefs about health care, abortion and the death penalty as examples of beliefs he feels set him apart from others around him.
TCC talks about his beliefs about race.


  • Thomas Currie
  • Thomas Cole

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