Thomas Dawkins and Jill Henderson

Recorded December 17, 2022 Archived December 17, 2022 38:30 minutes
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Brother and sister Thomas Dawkins (49) and Jill Henderson (57) talk about Thomas’ memories from growing up in their family, losing loved ones, and the life lessons the two have learned over the years.

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Thomas Dawkins (TD) talks about the kindness of his and Jill Henderson’s (JH) mom.
TD tells the story of his grandfather asking for his help carrying a refrigerator up the stairs.
JH asks TD what he’s most grateful for in life.
TD shares one of his most difficult memories: losing a friend in high school to murder.
JH asks TD if he’s afraid of dying.
TD reflects on being the "cool uncle" in the family.
TD tells JH how much he appreciates the way she stepped up after the tragedy that happened with her son, Bakari.
TD talks about the impact losing Bakari had on him, reflecting on his emotions, and discussing how it caused him to "come to grips" with racism.
TD asks JH who’s been the most influential person in her life.


  • Thomas Dawkins
  • Jill Henderson