Thomas Fisher and Christie Keegan

Recorded March 20, 2023 Archived March 20, 2023 50:59 minutes
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One Small Step partners Thomas "Alan" Fisher (66) and Christie Keegan (73) discuss their views on gun ownership and their shared concerns over the tenor of our current political climate.

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Both partners share why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
Both partners share who most influenced their political views.
Both partners explain what about their own political "side" causes them discomfort.
Alan describes his childhood in Norfolk, Virginia. Christie describes moving to Long Island as a "city kid" who was born in Manhattan.
Both partners share their love of birdwatching.
Both partners share their history of adopting rescue dogs.
Alan describes his personal political values and why he feels misunderstood by the "other side."
Both partners describe why they see our current political climate as more fractured than what they grew up with. Both explain early childhood conversations around the dinner table as opening them up to various viewpoints.
Both partners share their fears about expressing their political viewpoints via markers like bumper stickers and yard signs.
Christie describes growing up around firearms and both partners share their fears about crime.
Both partners discuss their views on gun ownership.
Both partners share some of their hobbies.
Both partners share what surprised them during this conversation.


  • Thomas Fisher
  • Christie Keegan

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