Thomas George and Hannah George Sharp

Recorded August 14, 2022 Archived August 14, 2022 40:37 minutes
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Thomas George (65) talks to his daughter Hannah Sharp (31) about his childhood and sobriety.

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TG talks about his family and growing up in New York City.
TG talks about his sister Loretta’s death, shortly before her 18th birthday.
TG remembers the first time he got drunk.
TG talks about his drinking habits as a teenager.
TG talks about going to college and eventually dropping out.
TG talks about working as a bank teller and getting fired.
TG talks about his first marriage.
TG talks about his engagement and marriage to HS’s mother.
TG talks about his first AA meeting.
TG on realizing that he needed to get sober.
TG talks about feeling confident in his sobriety.
TG talks about his life now, and what he’s grateful for.


  • Thomas George
  • Hannah George Sharp

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Boise State Public Radio