Thomas Hach and Ted Wetzel

Recorded August 18, 2020 Archived August 17, 2020 43:21 minutes
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One Small Step Conversation partners Thomas "Tom" Hach (56) and Ted Wetzel (57) talk about their families, faith, and political differences.

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TW and TH talk about how they started talking about their political differences back in January 2020.
TW talks about his career path, he also talks about his near-death experiences. TH talks about his experience volunteering for the salvation army.
TW says Jesus is the most influential person in his life. TH says his father was very influential as a kid. His great uncle was also influential and shares his WWII experience.
TW talks about feeling the need to give back to his country. TH talks about how his wife's family is very liberal and how it's sometimes hard to have a conversation with them.
TW says he's grown to the fact that he's an idealist. He believes there's good inside everyone. TH says he has learned more about their personal lives.
TH says liberals and conservatives have to figure out more ways to collaborate besides elections.


  • Thomas Hach
  • Ted Wetzel

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