Three short Interviews with founders of Waldorf Schools in Mexico: Inlakesh, Ak Lu'um, and Aguascalientes Waldorf Schools

Recorded October 15, 2018 Archived October 15, 2018 11:49 minutes
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During the regional delegates meeting for Waldorf schools located in the fondly named region of TexMexCanSoRock (Texas, Mexico, Canada and the Southwest Rockies), three short interviews were recorded asking the question to three Waldorf school founders there, "What were the greatest joys and challenges of founding a Waldorf School?" and "If you were to give your self advice now, or give others thinking of founding a Waldorf school advice and wisdom, what would it be?"


  • Luisa Pena
  • Jessica Aranalde
  • Siobhan Bowers
  • Nita Davanzo
  • nitajune

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