Tim Barry and Kate Saba

Recorded June 22, 2023 Archived June 22, 2023 49:03 minutes
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One Small Step partners Tim Barry (43) and Kate Saba (44) sit down for a conversation about raising children and discuss how they formed their political beliefs.

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Tim Barry and Kate Saba discuss why they decided to participate with One Small Step.
Kate speaks about her experience growing up in the Soviet Union.
Tim discusses the influence of going to Catholic School had on the formation of his political views.
Tim and Kate discuss the reasoning behind selecting the schools that their children attend.
Tim reveals his beliefs pertaining to religion.
Kate talks about the development of her political views as she became a citizen of the United States.
Tim talks about the struggles of raising and influences his children beliefs in reference to politics and religion.
Kate reveals her beliefs pertaining to the separation of church and state.
Kate discusses her feelings and worries of the political divide within our country.


  • Tim Barry
  • Kate Saba

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