Tim Thomas and Gerald Swilley

Recorded June 23, 2021 Archived June 21, 2021 39:02 minutes
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One Small Step partners Tim Thomas (32) and Gerald "Kirk" Swilley (62) share their beliefs about war, race, and religion. They both reflect on their experiences of travel and how it has contributed to their knowledge of the world.

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Tim and Kirk talk about why they chose to participate in One Small Step.
Kirk talks about his upbringing in Kansas, going to college, and getting a job where he traveled the world for work. He talks about how traveling helped him grow in his faith as a Christian.
Tim on growing up in Oklahoma, determining his career path. He talks about his friend group in college and traveling abroad.
Kirk talks about his beliefs as a Christian.
Kirk and Tim share their thoughts about war and how they want alternative solutions to the violence that exists in war.
Kirk gives advice to Tim to record with his parents. Tim talks about his ritual of “birthday interviews” in his family.
Kirk talks about learning more about his family through ancestry.com
Kirk talks about his understanding of racism today in comparison to what he knew when he was growing up.
Tim talks about his belief that responses to racism might be an overreaction. He talks about his fear of being in predominantly black areas because of his understanding of their culture through rap and R&B music.


  • Tim Thomas
  • Gerald Swilley

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