Timiera Jackson and Amadeo Ortiz

Recorded July 11, 2020 Archived July 11, 2020 20:30 minutes
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Timiera Jackson (17) talks to Amadeo Ortiz (17) about the changes in his life due to quarantine and how nature has been a helpful tool with dealing with it.


  • Amadeo Ortiz
  • Timiera Jackson

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00:00 My name is Ray. Jackson. I'm 17 years old. Today is Thursday, July 9th, and I am speaking with my best friend and classmate on the deal with cheese. This interview is taking place in Poteet, Texas. So I'm going to have you been with everything going on.

00:21 I have been working through it and ask what's going on, you know, everything that happens and it still going on just has answer right now. Like having, you know, it's a little hard, especially where I live. Cuz I live out on, like, TJ said, I live out in Poteet, Texas, which is a town south of San Antonio about maybe like 30 miles South of San Antonio.

01:05 And I was on 15 Acres right in between protein in San Antonio. So I'm very isolated.

01:13 You know, our neighbors are at least like

01:18 Literally away. And you know, the closest interaction I have with people is watching people pass by on the highway.

01:29 Isolated.

01:32 Well, did you do anything to feel less isolated?

01:40 Usually, in a sentence.

01:46 I would say calling friends like, you know, talking to EJ and talking to you. No other friends such as a Emily. And I also talked to you, my girlfriend, Trina, calling and texting friends, a lot. You know, that, that kind of post mean like going outside and stuff like that.

02:19 Will do you do anything with your family?

02:25 Since 19 started.

02:32 Our family has had more time to be together back to clean. So definitely a lot of like binge-watching shows and movies and, you know, gather at home, you know, everyday, but sometimes I was kind of mad at me the whole time, like, little things started playing this, you know, and stuff like that. And we kind of get like, on each others nerves. But, I mean, usually that passes pretty quick. But I'll definitely say, I like spending time with them would be watching. Movies been watching movies whenever we can, which most of the time we can.

03:20 Were, you always that kind of person that would reach out to your friends through text and we're calls or has this, pandemic made you reach out to your friends more? Cuz for me personally, it's made me realize who my close friends are and it's a me reach out to them or so, would you say that's similar to your situation?

03:43 Yeah, I definitely I mean before I was even was close friends, maybe, and maybe like really the only person would be my girlfriend, but I wouldn't really text people and call people like before because like, I don't have friends, I don't have to go talk to. You is just like I rather have a conversation like in person and like actually has like that interaction with people in like you like you like what's up, you know, whatever whatever like talk to them. Like in person, you know, like I was never really big on texting similar to you. I kind of have kind of like realize like

04:27 At one of my close friends and life where I really like like to keep in touch with windows at like, you know, during the school year. I was just kind of like, oh, like, we're friends but like, you, I like

04:42 Play. I like I've also kind of realized who my real friends are. I usually reach out to them a lot like you and text you in a me. Like I said, I regularly call and text.

05:01 You know, that side of like that kind of small circle. I would say there's maybe like one or two other people that I may be regularly and a text, but besides that, I don't have other friends, but those people that are in the like sponsored by sex a lot.

05:20 I think that's great. I mean, I love the idea of this pandemic helping me realize who I really want to keep in my life for the future since we are rising seniors at Cass Tech. I think it's a good time for this quarantine to help us figure out who we want in our lives and the future. So you mentioned that you live on 15 Acres, correct?

05:55 And how much time do you have? You been outside since March? I mean, with all that land. I figure you're always outside.

06:07 Yeah, actually, so it is 15 Acres. There's too much into it in terms of going outside alone.

06:23 Outside everyday, I'm always cutting grass, you know, you different Eric and sometimes I try and work like on different makers. Son. I'm constantly outside like everything.

06:40 So, would you say that the amount you spend outside now is more or less than before the end of it.

06:49 War. Because before the pandemic. Obviously we still lived here. So we had to but because I was, you know, you don't go to school. Like in person, I have homework to do all that stuff in school. We can sell. That's what you would go out me and my dad we would go out and you know, obviously not as much as we do now cuz I mean,

07:28 15 acres in one day. I mean we wouldn't usually just use you in a weed eaters and stuff. So we would just have to keep like the general area around the house. Pretty clear.

07:43 Since March, I mean I've been outside more and even when we have this concerning, you know, and then like get your work done in the morning without any Nina at home has definitely made me be outside. And basically before March.

08:06 So other than the amount of time that you spent outside and not being able to see your friends and be isolated where you are, because you're far away from us. Is there any other big changes in your life because of quarantine?

08:27 I mean, the whole friends thing that mean like living out here in protein. I mean, like I said, you know, there's no need to see now. There is no people singing on Highway which they're going about 70 miles per hour that way. So going to school was literally about my interaction, you know, I would see my girlfriend will see my friend Neil talk to my friends, you know, you know have class and that was how I met basically keeping information everyday, but

09:11 Since everything started, you know, I kind of like out of my life, you know, my human interaction has gone down to my family, which is like

09:27 What's already talked about babe? Yes. Oh definitely. That's been a major change having to deal with that because I mean trying to get it every year that one summer would come cuz it's like, you know, but like everyone gets that, you know, it's like oh, you know, you don't see your friends like that. Like, you know, I was good. Seeing any friends saying really kind of extended family.

10:07 Since you're so isolated, has it affected your mood and a negative way at all.

10:23 There are days you had it. I'm definitely like.

10:27 I want to go Dino back out into the world. I mean, like I miss you and I miss being with my girlfriend and my friends, you know, and

10:46 You know, I get frustrated, you know, it's cuz it's like, you know.

10:51 Jeter at home all the time and it's like it doesn't like at least like when you're in a city like San Antonio, do you have neighbors? You know, you see people outside and you hear noises, you know, you see buildings like you see life sickly. I hear though. I mean, you know, we're surrounded by good, you know, it is nice, but at the same time it's like I'm living in these animals burgers and it's just like at the same time. I just feel like so like

11:36 You know, it's just like, you know, so yeah, there's some days and I'm just like

11:44 Go outside and want to be with people. But at the same time, it's like

11:53 So it's like now.

12:01 We'll have you done things to cope with those bad days.

12:09 No, I had mentioned before calling. That's that's amazing help. But I mean, just general because I mean, you know, being indoors all the time and especially with me having staying home in like basically be at Belmont and talks over several months. I mean, that, you know, and that's in feeling but at the same time,

12:51 Like, living out here. Like I have the capability of like

12:57 You know, I'm going to let you know, whatever, you know, like, if it's cutting grass, you know, you know, I'll start cutting grass and it's like it's

13:09 It's very, you have to be present in the moment. Like, you don't necessarily have like you can really do it. Other things and make some psych, we live here with a bunch of things. I have to constantly be at work, you know, so like I have to be aware of Aquino in your noodles Justino think you know what has to be aware of that. You know, who's best definitely. There have been times that I'm cutting grass and I'm losing sleep because of snake like coming, right at us. Like, you know, I have to be cutting grass. I was like this, a mind thing that I'm just concentrating on anything else. I kind of get like,

13:57 Get away from everything, you know, and there's that part just generally going outside like it just kind of helps cuz like, you know if I'm feeling so I can go run outside. Like I have that ability to do that, you know.

14:17 Darren's going outside. Help me. Like I said earlier, that calling texting friends, that helps too. But I definitely get rid of my frustration meaning

14:35 So, how often do you say that? You got outside to escape your isolation?

14:43 I want to say, I kind of think the healing, I mean, like, just having that daily. Like I'm going to go outside and just be out there for a couple hours like that everyday. Not that. You know, I asked you everyday, right? You're frustrated every day, but, you know, it, everything's disqualified. Be outside doing something like, like I said mind-numbing that I necessarily have to think about the things all the time and stuff like that. I kind of stayed across rated. And in those days that I am like

15:29 I like normal people that are like, well just get it out. So

15:38 Yeah, I would say like, almost like everyday.

15:42 Well, I definitely get that if I had 15 acres to myself, I'd probably be outside, Austin, just seen the trees. That's very beautiful. You know, I have a whole camera roll pictures of just like the trees in my juices like plans and make tons of air coming out here cuz like, you know, like I said, sometimes they're snakes and stuff. But you know, sometimes I see dear if you seen deer like not on the highway, it's very nice, you know, and it's it's it's very nice to see.

16:37 Oh, yeah. So this is there's a lot of things to do just like

16:42 You down and stuff like that. So yeah.

16:46 So, why do you think you use the outdoors as a coping mechanism? Because for me, my coping mechanisms include being in a room by myself air conditioning and a good book? Why do you choose to go outside and use nature as a way to release stress and the negativity that you feel from being isolated?

17:12 Like I just said before, I mean.

17:18 Get out like that, literal like physical my frustration, like, you know, like when you're feeling you're like, sometimes you just say someone would do that. You know, like I can, you know, you can go outside Into the Wilderness and have to worry about people, but sometimes it's like a little creepy at the same time and I like going outside.

18:04 I mean, it's just very helpful because at least for me like,

18:09 I'm very into nature. I like, you know, I like I've always been like that outside.

18:26 Sometimes I can just being outside like Oaks makeup. Like I said, I don't want to do all the time but also to like doing something like, you know, being outside looks like cutting grass or like exercising, like that stuff also helps my like doing something. Dip into my mind, like off of everything I sent you some island off of like, well, you know, it's been, you know, what is it now for another human being, that's my family and let you know, I Stand By Me.

19:07 You know, you know.

19:17 You know, if that makes sense, that's awesome. I'm glad of this pandemic did not take away your love for nature cuz for me at this become more of a homebody, then before I am very comfortable, just to be isolated. So I'm, I'm glad you didn't lose that part of you. That's great. I'm glad that nature is still that thing that you rely on to help you feel better about everything going on. And I think a lot like I think people need I think I need that. That's awesome. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm happy that you got nature there for you and you got your friends there for you and your family there for you, even though sometimes it gets to be a little too much.

20:17 That's great.

20:23 Thank you. I appreciate the time.

20:26 So yeah.