Timiera Jackson and Emily Martinez

Recorded July 7, 2020 Archived July 7, 2020 06:33 minutes
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Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her best friend and classmate Emily Martinez (17) about the new "normal" during this pandemic.


  • Emily Martinez
  • Timiera Jackson

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00:00 My name is Tamar Jackson. I'm 17 years old today is July 6th, and is a Monday. And I am speaking with my best friend and classmate. Emily Martinez is interviews taking place in San Antonio, Texas. So Emily. Have you been with everything going on? Pretty good with the stay safe and keep the family.

00:28 During this quarantine. Have you been outside at all to pass the time?

00:41 I mean, I take out my dog every now and then. So I get some outside action, but before my action was

00:51 Different.

00:53 So like the difference between you going outside, like now during this time and you going outside before quarantine when everything was just like by like there is a huge difference when you say that there's like a big difference.

01:14 PS, what are some? Give me some examples of some changes that have happened because of the Senate.

01:25 Well, I mean, I've always kind of just been a homebody, but the difference is we were always going to school before then. So that was me getting out and that was me expressing my Outdoorsman. And yeah, taking out the dog in going on walks and runs, but it seems that that's been limited to less. Considering we're not going to school and I take out my dog going to go get the mail. So she goes with us when we go take out the mail. So that's our, our outdoor Zenus.

01:58 So was it a hard when you have a hard time adjusting to that? Since you were like always going outside to go to school going on walks and runs with your dog to like this, like barely going.

02:17 What was the question?

02:21 Was it was it like a hard time to adjust to this difference?

02:30 I'm not really because I love being at home. I love being in the comfort of my own home. So having limited amount to go outside, like, being limited to that. It's pretty good. I was really not used to it already, but

02:47 It was normal at the same time.

02:50 Because going to school was like the only going outside. So moving to inside School in your own home. It's easy.

03:00 So you made it very clear that you're a homebody and you're very comfortable with kind of being isolated just staying at home. So because of this pandemic and how you're always inside. Now, has it made you more comfortable, being isolated with yourself or has it made you kind of want to socialize more dream with my friends and like going to school and having a normal day at school or going to the mall and having Mall trips. I'm used to being able to have that option like this person's house. And now I can't really do that because you want to be safe and you don't want to get anyone sick and spread germs.

03:45 That's I mean I get that the cuz I mean just like me. I'm really homebody if I can isolate I will. But now that it's been mainly isolation and I'm like wow and want to come. I want to hang out with my friend, but I can't. We got to be State. We got a social.

04:09 So you haven't been really going outside, but you've been dreaming about going, I guess.

04:19 Has there been like anyone or anything in your life that's made? You want to go outside? I mean, maybe it's your dreams. Maybe if you talking to somebody, but has there been any thing in your life? That's like, yeah, I really want to make it like my plan to go outside or after everything is calm down and save actually, yes, my family. My family is very emotional. So whenever we call and talk to each other, they're like, oh, well, we used to go to the movies all the time. We miss going to the movies with me, and we don't want to go now, even though it's open. It's just not safe. Like we want to keep our distance and we want to be safe and that's the whole thing. So the fact of my family so emotional, it makes you when this is all over. Hopefully, when it's over soon, like you want to appreciate more of that time, you have together because it doesn't always

05:15 Last forever. Especially right now. It seems like it's going on forever.

05:22 So correct me if I'm wrong if I'm wrong. I want to kind of just like summarize at this pandemic. This quarantine hasn't really had a negative effect on you. Like there has been like some woman like a little bit crazy, but overall it's made you want to socialize more. It's made you appreciate all the things that you used to do and it's making you like ready to get back out there. Oh, yeah. You are 100% correct?

05:51 Hey, that's that's good. That's I think everybody should listen to what you said and really look at it. That way. I think that is really cool. I am glad that this is how you're taking it because I'm sure that our other classmates are losing their mind, not making side.

06:10 But that's that's awesome. I'm so happy to hear that. Thank you for answering these questions. I'm glad I was able to get your opinion on this and everything going on and just thank you. I appreciate the time.