Timiera Jackson and Faith Cabrera

Recorded July 21, 2020 Archived July 21, 2020 07:38 minutes
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Timiera Jackson talks to Faith Cabrera about the new "normal" and how her and her family are adjusting.


  • Faith Cabrera
  • Timiera Jackson

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00:00 My name is Tamar Jackson. I'm 17 years old. Today is the 15th of June, and I'm speaking with my classmate, a betta interviews, taking place in San Antonio, Texas. So, say how you been everything going on.

00:19 I've been.

00:26 Covid-19 really brought me my family close together cuz you know, we can't really know go out and work for a few things to get stuck in the house together, but it's the really good Advantage because, you know, it's any more time together cuz there's time before we liked. I'm just, you know, it only spend too much time together, but now we close to her and

01:00 Okay. So do you go outside at all?

01:08 How many hours did you say you spend outside?

01:17 So, what do you do when those two to three hours?

01:24 On my porch and just, you know, look outside or I hope my little brother's right there by down the street.

01:35 And we also, you know, mix more we're having like barbecues and everything outside. So it's pretty good.

01:44 So you first mentioned your porch. Is that like your go to place outside or do you have others?

01:57 So how often would you say you've been outside since March?

02:02 I would say more like a lot. A lot, a lot more often. I was going outside a lot before I was just, you know, I'm back from school or from doing things. I'm just going to head to just go to sleep. I don't even go outside, but then she don't have more time.

02:25 So this pandemic hasn't like scared you from going outside. Like it's made you go outside one.

02:35 That's cool. So this is technically or summertime. Is there is like us. The quarantine stuff. Is it making your summer different than your other Summers? Cuz for me, this isn't really different from other Summers cuz I'm always just kind of chilling inside. I mean, sometimes you can go to Six Flags, but I'm mainly in my room with the AC reading a book or something.

03:07 They're really a kind of change my summer a little bit.

03:16 We usually would go to sleep by then. We change the Sea World and you're supposed to go to SeaWorld this summer, but we couldn't because, you know, so yeah, I kind of did change it a little bit but then it kind of needs.

03:33 Opportunities opportunities out there, so I mean, at SeaWorld

03:50 So do you prefer going outside and hang out with your family, more than being locked up because of this pandemic?

03:59 I prefer going outside with my family more.

04:05 What would you say is the difference between you going outside with your family and you staying inside with your family?

04:13 And the difference would be be more active outside riding bikes or going swimming and then being inside, you know, I feel like video games. That's basically it, but

04:33 Who was?

04:39 The quarantine was it a hard adjustment for you? Cuz I know for some people it was really hard to do. Like go from being outside all the time. So staying inside and trying to find something to do. So was that similar to you or

04:58 Really that hard especially with it the social distancing learning because I was home school. So, I seen her home doing my workout has really used to it. But it said, summertime, you know, I would go out soon with my friend, both movie theaters. We can't do that. Now my house.

05:26 So do you miss school at all? Cuz you mentioned that you were home-schooled originally. So you just started going to like public school. So do you miss it at all? And I do miss going to school. I missed some of the teachers and you're my friend and I miss them, dance class. Definitely. Yeah, I do miss for lot.

05:54 Are you ready to tackle? All the changes? I'll be taking place during our senior year because of this pandemic, Legacy challenge is the nearest and plus it's our last year. So we really shouldn't be that hard since they are making things optional, optional now, and there's no more testing for us for us at all.

06:29 So, you would already mentioned that. Our school is, has they're giving us options. So they give letting us decide between distance, learning, and in-person learning both. So which one are you leaning towards and why?

06:52 My friend so you don't miss them. I really do want to spend my last year with them.

06:59 3 years already and it was it would you know, it's going to school. That's all the questions that I have. Thank you for letting me interview you I'm glad I was able to get your opinion on this whole pandemic and not being able to go outside. So I do appreciate you letting me. Take some of your time. So, thank you.