Timiera Jackson and Nathaniel Jackson

Recorded July 12, 2020 Archived July 12, 2020 07:14 minutes
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Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her brother, Nathaniel Jackson (14) about how he's handling quarantine and the pandemic.


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00:00 My name is Tamara Jackson. I'm 17 years old. Today is July 11th, and I'm speaking with my brother Nathaniel Jackson. This interview is taking place in San Antonio, Texas. So Nathaniel, how are you? How have you been everything going on?

00:22 How about James Bible?

00:31 With everything going on. I've been, you know, kind of stressful.

00:40 Let Donna know, I'm only doing some other thing.

00:46 How often would you say you've been outside since March?

00:51 Around everyday.

00:56 How many hours a day, would you say you're outside, or do you know, other than is that more or less than before quarantine more?

01:18 So what about this? Pandemic has made you want to go outside for good way from you guys mostly.

01:27 And I do to keep myself busy.

01:33 Now, I know that you can give me a bunch of bad experiences being stuck inside with your family. But can you tell me about any good experiences? You've had been stuck in the house? I need. Good experiences. I've been stuck in the house.

02:04 Can I give anybody with you guys? We not just watching him.

02:18 Well, yeah, but it sounds like the second time.

02:23 Watching Hamilton was a good experience for me.

02:31 Can't think of anything else to closer with your family in both good and bad ways or more then like, or is it more with one than the other day. It's a little more with one than the other but it's gone.

02:56 Probably.

03:05 How do you think he's been handling? This pandemic Ivan Panic. So I've been doing pretty good. Do you think you're handling it better than the rest of us?

03:29 Well, in like how would you say you're handling it better than the rest of us?

03:37 With month later. Mark Normand

03:44 Normally, we used to always be going out to eat and stuff like that. I'm just out in general. And now we do that lasts all night. I'm just I got the adopted quicker like eat almost immediately and then some of you guys are still kind of trying to get used to it and then

04:05 Do you think you've had some bad days like us?

04:18 Define like bad day. Like us. What do you mean by some days? I just kind of go crazy being locked up. And I start to think about all the things. I'm going to miss out on because, like, I didn't get to celebrate my 17th birthday like a plan. We are planning to go to Disney World and I didn't get to do that. I missed out on the other, half of my junior year. I didn't get to do my junior class trip and then my senior year. Is it going to be a messed up? Sometimes I kind of just like, do well on that. Do you have those kind of days? I have

05:05 In what ways? Well, normally, I don't like, really, I guess you say, thinking about the future as much as the as the next person, but normally when I do what you like, I don't know what I'm going to do, and I just normally just

05:22 Just sit there and then I just start thinking to myself. Like I don't like I'm just wondering, like, how will this affect me? I was better, but now I'm burning my spell.

05:36 With a bunch of teachers possibilities that haven't come up yet. So,

05:42 Do you miss school at all?

05:46 I do actually buy a popular believe. I am very much missed school because I I missed like, obviously, you can still hang out with friends in quarantine. But I meant like being up with like I guess physically connect with my friend like we did like have a high-fiber like we could hug. Would you shake hands or some like that interaction?

06:16 I make sense when I bet just having, only human reactions with your family's does not help.

06:27 Are you ready for the next school year? With all the changes that are going to happening stuff to figure out? But

06:40 I'm glad you've been thinking about it because I have not and I'm getting hit with emails and stuff about the school year, and it's getting me now that I am a rising senior. That's great. I'm glad you. Let me ask you some questions. I know it's made. You should really think about everything going on your thank you. Thank you for your time though. So much.