Timothy Conley and Sean Higginbotham

Recorded April 25, 2022 Archived April 25, 2022 39:23 minutes
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Friends Timothy Conley (55) and Sean Higginbotham (43) have a conversation about their lives, sobriety, and experiences through recovery center, Victory Mission & Ministry.

Subject Log / Time Code

- TC talks about how he met SH.
- SH shares about the most inspirational person that he met.
- TC talks about experiences that changed him.
- SH talks about finding community through church and a recovery program.
- TC and SH talk about who has influenced their life.
- SH talks about his childhood, resentment, and past events.
- TC talks about the patterns of an addict, past experiences, and the day his life changed.
- SH talks about a personal memory about someone he admires.
- TC talks about what it takes to make it through recovery.


  • Timothy Conley
  • Sean Higginbotham

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Victory Mission & Ministry

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