Tokeya Graham and Keilani Graham

Recorded July 8, 2021 Archived July 7, 2021 33:34 minutes
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Tokeya Graham (48) shares a conversation with her daughter, Keilani Graham (23), about the way the pandemic has shifted their relationship, as well as their understanding of personal creativity. They also discuss living authentically while centering autonomy.

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“What do you appreciate about the way our relationship has changed over the pandemic?” TCG asks KG.
“Being a black woman in this time, how is it for you?” TCG asks.
TCG and KG reflect on the creative changes they’ve made in their personal lives during the pandemic.
“What advice would you give to others to live their authentic selves?” KG asks TCG.
KG reflects on the greatest things she’s done in her 23 years of life. She also reflects on the way her relationships impact her.


  • Tokeya Graham
  • Keilani Graham

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