Tom Rosso and Phil Senescall

Recorded January 23, 2020 Archived January 23, 2020 41:01 minutes
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Tom Rosso (52) speaks with his fellow board member and friend Phil Senescall (36) about autism awareness, parenthood, soft skills, and their push for inclusivity and accessibility at the New Children's Museum.

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PS speaks about his first experiences with the NCM, and his drive to serve the board in honor of his deceased sister Lauren, who was an artist.
PS speaks about autism awareness and inclusivity as a personal mission; mentioning his son Jack. PS describes Jack and speaks about the way he engages with art.
PS speaks about connections he has made in the local autism community, and the "Accessibility Mornings" hosted by the NCM for families with special-needs. PS describes some challenges those in the community face, including social stigmas.
PS speaks about the concept of those with autism having a "superpower," and speaks more about the way his son creates art. TR speaks about his desire to provide better access for all, and recalls the way his own children responded to the museum.
TR speaks about the way the NCM is inclusive, and the mission of the NCM to provide experiences and lessons with "soft skills" such as empathy and collaboration for kids.
TR and PS speak about the importance of "soft skills" in adult and professional lives, and the need for Art in STEAM.
PS describes the NCM as a form of kindergarten readiness, and speaks about the lack of access for San Diego families to pre-school. PS and TR discuss the NCM moving to a free-for-all access plan.


  • Tom Rosso (b. 1967)
  • Phil Senescall (b. 1983)

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The New Children's Museum

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