Tom Sloper and Virginia Friday

Recorded December 12, 2020 Archived December 12, 2020 38:38 minutes
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Tom Sloper (72) talks with his mother Virginia Friday (91) about her early years growing up on her grandfather's dairy farm, recalls the influence both of her parents had on her life, and shares with Tom what he means to her.

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TS asks VF what her childhood was like, VF talks about growing up on a dairy farm that was her grandfathers (Grandpa Chamberlain) in Wyoming County NY in the town of Middlebury.
VF talks about going to school in a one room schoolhouse and recounts her first day walking over to the school with the help of her grandfather who taught her how to walk by herself to school.
VF talks about being an only child until she was 8 until her parents adopted her brother Jim, who was her mother's sister's illegitimate child.
TS asks VF to recall one of her happiest memories. VF talks about being happy when she got married to Red, and being happy when she graduated from MCC when she was 55, being happy when her grandson Rob was born.
VF talks about her father and the influence he had on her life, saying he didn’t communicate a lot but he let her know he loved her a lot.
VF talks about her mother and says she was cold, and liked boys more than girls, and whenever she punished VF, she would hit VF with a yardstick.
TS turns the tables and tells VF what she means to him, talks about how VF taught him to treat people with respect.
VF talks about what she enjoyed doing on the farm, including feeding the cows, opening the pasture gate, writing a poem about this.
TS talks about VF’s cousin Graham who was a significant member of their family and who helped TS’s father get a job.
VF says “don’t let your regrets weigh on your mind”.
TS talks about his work in video games and how it brings joy to others, and TS and VF talk about how much they’re enjoying playing Animal Crossing together on Nintendo during COVID.
VF says she is proud of TS and that he is her best son.


  • Tom Sloper (b. 1948)
  • Virginia Friday (b. 1929)

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