Nicole Olson and Tom Szambecki

Recorded November 3, 2023 Archived November 3, 2023 54:49 minutes
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One Small Step conversation participants Tom Szambecki [no age given] and Nicole Olson [no age given] talk about immigration, communism, history, and public assistance programs.

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Tom Szambecki (TS) asks Nicole Olson (NO) about her experience immigrating to the United States from Europe. NO talks about the Communist Party.
TS asks about NO's thougths on the American Dream.
They talk more about the immigrant experience and the Republican party.
TS talks about how money has "slid up" away from public programs and being distributed to the top.
They discuss gun issues, the idea of "taking away our guns," and Obamacare.
They talk about public assistance programs, corporations, and how big our problems are.
TS talks about political values and fear mongering.
NO talks about not understanding "wokeness" and that there are only men and women (not gender fluidity). TS talks about a human sexuality class he took, and the idea of a spectrum.
They talk about wanting more opportunities like this conversation and people coming together for the good of humanity.


  • Nicole Olson
  • Tom Szambecki

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Kansas Health Foundation
Kansas Health Foundation

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