Tomoko Kuta and Perry Vasquez

Recorded January 22, 2020 Archived January 22, 2020 39:58 minutes
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Tomoko Kuta (53) speaks with her friend, collaborator, and colleague Perry Vasquez (60) about their roles at the New Children's Museum, designing art for children, and their own childhood memories.

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TK and PV recall their first meeting, and PV becoming the first contributing artist and educator to join the New Children's Museum board. They discuss PV's influence on the museum board as a "steering entity" for the museum.
PV and TK speak about "experience design" for children. PV recalls being commissioned by the museum for "Animal Action," and describes the thought process of making artwork for children.
PV discusses influences in his artistic practice, and describes the way children approach new items, ideas, and possibilities with curiosity and imagination.
PV recalls the Don McLean song "Vincent" influencing his curiosity about art as a teen. TK shares memories of drawing at an early age, while waiting in hospital waiting rooms.
PV and TK discuss art as problem-solving and release, and how this translates to the NCM.
TK remembers her first day of school in the U.S. at age 4, and the process of adjusting and adapting to the U.S. and later, U.K. customs growing up.
TK speaks about her family today. TK and PV reflect on social interactions at the museum, and the role of the NCM in society.
TK speaks about the ways parenting has shifted, and how the NCM let's kids take risks and learn. They discuss the concept of "investing in failure," and "letting kids be kids."


  • Tomoko Kuta (b. 1966)
  • Perry Vasquez (b. 1959)

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The New Children's Museum

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