Toni Gonzales and Robert Gonzales

Recorded February 29, 2020 Archived February 29, 2020 39:38 minutes
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Toni Gonzales (89) talks with her son, Robert Gonzales, Jr. (58), about her memories of growing up, her loving and strong relationship with her husband who passed away a year ago, and what she remembers about what Robert was like as a little boy.

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TG remembers growing up with her siblings. She shares the nickname that her siblings had for her as a child.
TG describes the neighborhood where she grew up.
TG talks about the pride she has in her children.
TG remembers her husband, Robert Jerry Gonzales, who passed away a year ago. RG recalls what his father was like and what he learned from him.
TG describes RG as a child.
TG talks about her relationship with her husband.
RG shares how he hopes TG is remembered.


  • Toni Gonzales (b. 1930)
  • Robert Gonzales (b. 1961)

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