Toni Gonzales and Robert Gonzales

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Toni Gonzales (89) talks with her son, Robert Gonzales, Jr. (58), about her memories of growing up, her loving and strong relationship with her husband who passed away a year ago, and what she remembers about what Robert was like as a little boy.

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TG remembers growing up with her siblings. She shares the nickname that her siblings had for her as a child.
TG describes the neighborhood where she grew up.
TG talks about the pride she has in her children.
TG remembers her husband, Robert Jerry Gonzales, who passed away a year ago. RG recalls what his father was like and what he learned from him.
TG describes RG as a child.
TG talks about her relationship with her husband.
RG shares how he hopes TG is remembered.


  • Toni Gonzales
  • Robert Gonzales

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00:04 Okay. Well, we're here today to talk about things that that Mom you've you've experienced in life and all the things that you want to share to our to our children in the future and grandchildren and so on. So queso going to record this recording so people in the future will know about you smoke a soufflette start. Let's start with tell us your name. My name is Tony Gonzalez. How old are you? I'm 89 and today's date.

00:37 Saturday Saturday, February 29th

00:42 Saturday February 29th for the day

00:46 The year

00:48 20/20 and where we at where we located in Fresno, California and what is my name? Your name is Robert. What is my relationship to you? You are my son. Thank you. Say my name is Robert Gonzales Junior and I am 58 years old and today's date is Saturday, February 29th. 2020. Our location here is Fresno, California and my interview partner is Toni Gonzales, and she is my mother.

01:33 Okay. So the first question I want to ask you mom is what is your favorite childhood memory?

01:48 Growing up. What about growing up different going to school and just having a lot of friends and

02:05 All the things that we that I did with my brothers and sisters, why can you think of something that you did with him knew all of its my brothers always used to joke and they forgive each other us girls the sisters nicknames. So, what was your nickname?

02:28 Find my nickname was.

02:31 Yogurt left

02:35 I'm going to say in Spanish. That's okay. But you got I guess I was so I don't know what that's what they used to call me. You don't remember why where they got that from they just said nicknames for each one of us. So that was my niggaa the end you remember how old you were when when they started calling you, LOL. I was about eight nine.

03:10 Okay, can you think of any other childhood memories?

03:15 Going to the ranch every summer and staying over there for the three months of school break. And what Ranch was this in?

03:27 It was Friends of the family, but they would take us over there to go help out in whichever way we could in what town was this in?

03:41 Outskirts of Brownsville, and I don't know that.

03:47 Aren't you have memory of pleasant memories of doing that? Yeah. So what what did you really enjoy about going for those three months because we would go swimming and also would go help out in the field with a

04:07 Picking cotton or tomatoes play more likely not really working. And when you were playing, where would your mother tell you know, Mom was not there. We were with a family friends.

04:23 Okay, and what what did your mom and dad do well, it's well, you got to learn brunsdale. My dad worked for the city of Brownsville in mom was just a housewife.

04:37 Okay, so they they just wanted us to have sex. So learning what where food came from in like that.

04:48 Thank you. Any other memories that you'd like to share?

04:54 I'd like playing baseball in school.

04:58 What position did you play I have played baseball Third Base softball mom and third base.

05:11 That's Sports all sports are mostly softball all remember the first time that you hit the hit the ball when you were up at bat

05:29 No, I don't remember what that feeling is like volleyball to I was pretty good at bad one.

05:40 What did you like most about playing volleyball?

05:44 Didn't have been able to fit it. And we need your kind of competitive, huh? I know we all have that week. We got that trait from you. Okay, do you want to say anything else on memories?

06:07 On childhood memories Center, okay.

06:16 So when you were a child, what was your neighborhood like?

06:24 It was very quiet everybody knew each other.

06:29 And

06:31 We play together friends because we were close friends to each other and we just felt like we were a big family where the houses close together or where they where did you live on a on a Rancher know when I was a little about 2 years old when I lived in a farm and a ranch

07:04 Okay. Oh, you don't we should probably record this. So tell it tell me about the the farm living on the farm. I don't remember it was only two but my father had a

07:19 Had I am cattle ranch in beef cattle. My brothers would go with him.

07:32 Too good to go with and Mom would go with him to be the cook to cook for the for the workers ever met your mom. Your mom would like me to cook deer for the workers. And this Ranch was your grandfather's rademeyer your your mom and dad's my grandfather spent. So you live you lived with your family and children to OKC. He had a little house there and only do so your grandfather had your mom and dad and and the family living in this Ranch either grandfather's Ranch. Yeah.

08:11 You you lived on your grandfather's Ranch.

08:22 And you know just to Brenda Catalan things like that is a beef cattle ranch.

08:31 Okay. Alright, let's go on to the next question. Okay, what do you want to pass on to me and my siblings and your grandchildren and so on as far as wisdom what kind of wisdom would you want to pass on to your to the Future Generations?

08:54 Some words of advice

08:57 They already know if they know that I want them to or with your limit later in life and always

09:06 Do the best they can?

09:08 What is your definition of success children when they have?

09:22 Continue

09:25 To continue the tradition going finishing school going on to college to the university.

09:37 It's very important for you. Want to know anything else that you'd like to pass on some wisdom some advice?

09:49 These are your great great great great great grandchildren that are going to hear this in a hundred years from now.

10:00 Always be very friendly to people no matter what color what religion or what background they have weather there.

10:13 Just people on the streets of whatever always be friendly to everybody because you can be you can have friends all kinds of friends and but you do not have to follow their steps just be friendly to them.

10:35 Okay, thank you. That's the way you raised us. So yeah. Thank you.

10:45 So next question, we've kind of been talkin about this Pinterest see if you can add any anything more to how would you like to be remembered?

10:56 How would you like for our the children in the future know who they're their Grandma Tony? What would you want them to how would you want to be remembered strong ad and always wanted you to go do things that you're supposed to. Do. You know how I'm hanging with him and that's the way I would like for my

11:23 Are there Buena grandchildren and great-grandchildren to always think of their Grandma as being a very strong and determined person very faithful person to me on the phone and thankful you so again, that's how you raised us. And that was the model that you gave to us example, you were always there for us. So thank you. Okay. What are you what are you most proud of stuff?

12:00 In your lifetime. What are you most most proudest of most proud of you? What are you most proud of you? My children? What about that? Because I mean they're in SF to your dad you guys first.

12:20 Are everything

12:23 Try to race you the best way we could and we did succeed to do that.

12:31 Call of Duty in the future generation they will be just as close to each other is this you guys have been.

12:45 Anything else that you want to be remembered as what you're most proud of?

12:52 I'm proud of every one of them single one of you you guys are all different, but you're wrong.

13:00 Varric we have helped us. Both of us your pop on your daddy and me tour your life all of you happy in your own way. You've always been there for us.

13:17 And you're still there for me.

13:22 Stoneberry went over your other children.

13:36 If you could hold onto to one memory for the rest of your life, what would it be?

13:43 Your dad and what about Dad?

13:51 I don't know why it's just that we were married for so long that we became one.

13:59 And maybe it's kind of hard for me.

14:03 Matt

14:09 Still remember all the things.

14:13 And all that we did together.

14:16 Erasing you children

14:20 It was hard, but it was always love.

14:27 Erasing all five of you

14:32 Passage that memories that I wanted to be in then my grandkids my grandchildren to

14:41 Tell your clarified for your for your family in the future that what does one mean. What is one mean that you became one you and dad became one tell them what that meant what that means. You became one because we were always

15:02 Is the one of us started something the other one was already thinking about it or we thought the same way and we answered we kind of finished what we're saying among each other. I mean, you know, I would he would say something and I knew what he was saying and I would finish it but we were thinking the same.

15:33 That's what you just me.

15:41 My dad, is that okay?

15:45 Okay.

15:48 No, he passed away. Yeah, it's been a little bit over a year. Okay, see if I can have without Bryan songs.

15:57 No, no. No, I want to but you know might be kind of hard. So.

16:08 So I'm going to describe my dad.

16:18 It's just kind of hard to describe because it's just been a little over a year since he passed away. And as a young child, he was like Mom says he was always there and he was always a great model and example for us and he loved it so much. It was really strict. He was really really hard. Sometimes. I just thought that he wasn't fair but you know, but I still loved him. I loved him immensely and he would sometimes he hit me so hard and and I would had a lot of anger and all that but still less at all that we both worked on our own issues over the years and

17:01 And then as we got has as I got older and dad got older and we just became just like like we'll just really close friends and really close bonding and he was involved in every aspect of our of my own my own children and my own life and I was included in everything that I that I was doing and I was participating in and and he was always interested in so the I believe we had both of us reconciled and add healing from when I was a child and I would had so much resentment toward him for being so hard on me, but I we grew to really love and appreciate each other so tight. Hiya.

17:51 I every night take the dog for a walk and I always think of dad and start talking to him and I have a conversation with him being in the dark. So people can't see they think that I'm a weirdo so down the dog doesn't understand me because he likes to have a conversation with Dad and I kind of tell him what's happening in my life. And so and I know he still he said as much as he can, you know, so and grateful and he helps me to make sure I remember Mom and appreciate her everyday the song men just in the simple everyday things of life just to make sure I'm I'm helping her and and and loving her caring for her. So that's basically didn't he taught me taught me that and Anna.

18:44 It is way you taught me how to love and how to be had a care and helped me to develop into the person I am today, so

18:58 Is there a story about him that you told that you would be like that's him?

19:06 Well

19:12 See what clears many stories but

19:17 No, I think I mean my dad he was such a tremendous example and model. He could he never really could he never couldn't talk much to you. He wasn't much of a conversation was he just really couldn't talk a whole lot, but he just showed you with his with his example the man went to work every single day and he worked so hard and he was what's called while maybe they don't call this anymore Reddit years ago East call it functionally literate my dad could barely read and yet he figured he always figure it out and just went up where he worked at this Factory for many years. And you know, I heard they were modernizing bringing a new technology in just one dad. Thought I would lose my job. He always figured it out need to be kept on working and it's just he was just a fighter. He just he never never gave up and didn't complain and you know, he just he was there you just

20:17 Depend on Dad could always depend on them. So that's that was an odd thing that I that's what I I guess most appreciate about him some

20:38 Okay.

20:49 Think I've asked you enough on that Don memory stuff. Is there anything mom that you you have never? You've never told me what you'd want. You can tell me right now something something you've always held onto but you've always been may be reluctant in some way. It has attempting some way not to tell me. Is there anything that that you always been very honest and I've always told you what I felt then, I want you to

21:22 And ice

21:24 Street view of what but you were always very loving since you were little

21:33 You're always there. Even a lot of memories of you when you were little and the siblings and every one of us and every one of you and words different and yet I remember each one of you being different, you know it doing different things each one of them.

21:59 Toni will you tell Robert what he was like as a child?

22:04 I can you tell Robert what he was like as a child what you were my

22:09 About him when he was a baby. He was some very very good baby. She never cried as a matter of fact, I had to bring the best in that for a had him as a baby and I would put it by the kitchen because I didn't know if something would go wrong and I wouldn't care of him and then it's growing up. He still was always very active.

22:47 And always falling and breaking your cheap, but he would also go play with neighbors then and there was a one of the neighbors would make cookies and they would give him a cookie but he would need to do would run home and bring it to me for free, Yeah, that's right. Now you always used to run home and give me the cookie that you that they give you tell me. What is a baker or mrs. Moser also, sometimes with would make things night and bring it on TV.

23:36 And you always confide in me and telling me things.

23:40 What your plans for what you want to do?

23:46 And I would answer you. I would try and it's been helping you all five of you with your spelling. I would really earning and I would cut the list right there and and test you that you would know you're here.

24:06 Vocabulary words

24:09 Yeah, thank you. Thank you. I remember the many times. I was wanting to do things and you would tell me sometimes no don't do it. And I would do it anyway, and it always turned out that I would hurt get hurt somehow and then I learned at a young age that okay. I need to listen to my mother so I don't listen to you.

24:35 Now okay me ask another.

24:41 . Tell Mom tell us tell us about your relationship with death.

24:49 The funny one ever done anything really want to talk about relationship with Dad or daddy the first time he saw me that I'm going to marry that you know, he's he always used to tell it to the kids and to you guys and I'm having that's when he saw me the first time he said that's the girl. I'm going to marry and then he asked me one time. He asked me out and I said no you two young kids 2 years old younger than me, and I think it was fair for me to go with a guy younger than me, but eventually we

25:33 We did get together in.

25:36 And we

25:39 Always so I would go to the movies or just like that.

25:46 Find a way he went into the service and I waited two years to you was in the service for two years and then we got a case when he came home.

26:01 And we were married that year 55.

26:08 So anything else about your relationship?

26:14 Nothing

26:16 We didn't.

26:19 Well, the one thing was that I never wanted to marry a guy that smoked or drink cuz my dad did not smoke and did not drink and your daddy did drink but he stopped eventually.

26:36 Not drinking

26:39 After you get swear born

26:42 So

26:44 Just one time when crazy got drunk. Remember, I had to go get it as you and me you went by yourself and I'd like the girls in it, I was a little boy. I don't even roll. That was I was really young going into that bar and pulling data out of there, but he never did it again. You didn't help to his grandfather and my great-grandfather helped a good conversation. We had put in a bad example to your children and you stop that drinking and part. I'm not partying cuz you can key wasn't.

27:31 Much obliged if you'd like sports and he watched all the games and things like that but never starting to where he would get drunk.

27:45 He never did that again.

27:48 It was a less time keeping. I remember that.

27:57 I think I don't let Mom do you want to share anything else and any other thing you'd like to talk about?

28:07 No, I don't think so anything that you want to people in the future to know.

28:19 I can.

28:20 My mind is blank.

28:23 Right now, how about something related to to perseverance and to Hope? Okay.

28:33 Ganas ganas

28:38 Do you have to have ganas?

28:47 Well has has has your entire life been just stalled nice and Rosy and then wonderful or if you had struggles and how did you deal with those struggles you when we first got married because it was just one check coming in and then we started her family and it was five of you.

29:10 That we have to dress and feet and it was only one check coming in your dad. So it was a struggle but we continued then we did the best we could and we brought you up to where you are now.

29:31 And of course each one of you of your own.

29:37 Will power and continue doing your thing and your whatever your goal is?

29:46 And you still keep it in your show your children that you're that to buy being there for them with you always have been you and Paloma both and your and your other children and my other children.

30:07 And they also Stars has more than others, but you have the most you have four and the other ones have only won one and three but why do you think all of your children are so dedicated and committed to their to their families?

30:27 I think that is because of the way that they saw that we were towards each other and always together and always has a family doing things that it helped them to to understand that that that is the right way to do things to include your family to be close to each other. That's my that's always been my hope in my prayers that you

31:00 Old type of you get together get a loan and that you love interests and respect each other and help each other and whichever way that you can

31:28 Go ahead.

31:39 Tell her how you would hope people would remember.

31:43 Yeah, okay. So, how do I want people to remember you mom is

31:54 You were just like Dad. You were always there. You were always present for us always available to us. You loved us unconditionally you

32:09 For me personally you you didn't read to me, but you read and I saw that at a young age and that really inspired me to love reading and and I will let you know. I read now that all the time and I'm just so grateful to you for that for that example. I really am also for you allowing me to get to know your mother my grandma Francisca, and she was just such a powerful and positive influence on me and in my in my life and in my growing up all the way she inspired me to so I'm also grateful to Mom.

32:57 Cuz you you always listen to me you believed in me. And you're you're the one that helped encourage me to to go to go on beer on high school go to college and graduate in to do all the things that I've I've done in my life and I've never been afraid to take a risk you you know that I take risk if if that's what needs to happen in order to so I can continue to fill fill line meaning and and and and fulfillment in my in my life. So and I owe that to you. I will do that to you and to dad house at 222 Tanana to my grandma Francesca and and then all the other people. I mean, I you know that I would always seek out a lot of people's advice. I didn't just have you and Dad. I also like I sought out other people too. So I could learn from from other people's perspectives and stuff it help to it help.

33:57 My in guiding me in and on me figuring out what I wanted to do and in life, so and you never said they don't do that to your supposed to just listen to to you to you to you. And your dad. I'm so I can appreciate that and I appreciate that. I know I was very different than the other children. They like to watch television and I didn't you know that so yeah and you but you were you were you you still loved me and you even though it's kind of an oddball in the family and you know, you were okay with that. So yeah.

34:32 And we were just really always close we had to drill it. We've always had a closer close Bond, you know and had had that with Dad to but more for more. So as we got older with dad cuz he know if so hard on me when I was little so that's because he was raised like that and I know he was raised with rules and not with with love. So yeah, and I was raised with love you have a big family room. We were 11 and then we were 10

35:04 Yeah.

35:07 So I'm grateful. I'm grateful for that sound.

35:15 Let's see anything else while I'm you want to share in this interview that people will be hearing.

35:31 No, I don't.

35:38 Oh, you know just a real quick. You said 5 minutes? Okay real quick. So people will know in the future tell us as quickly as you can your your history or your where you came from you origin.

35:51 So so that the families will know in the future you were family my family, but do a quick so we know where ya know before it. Where did your family come from? They came to him. Most all my family came from Spain through

36:14 I would say not through Mexico through the other late late Seventeen hundreds when they came and they came on a Spanish land grant and they came they settled into what today is, Texas. So yeah member even my great great grand parents were born there.

36:47 Okay, so that's where you both your mother and your father stand my cat from Corpus Christi and Brownsville did did anyone ever say that that that they came on the same at the same time?

37:11 But are they came about the same around the same time even might because my grandfather he came through closer to San Antonio that was ever wrote.

37:26 That's a different route Nacogdoches or something like that is the name of the town.

37:33 That was your mother's my dad. My dad's dad.

37:38 Parents both in what year? What year was he born? Like in the 18 hundreds? Probably yeah.

37:50 Nike ID

37:53 Ate your mother was born in 1898.

38:02 All right, 1894 something I kayak. Okay. All right.

38:09 Okay, that's good. So we have two minutes. So let's say let's say some goodbyes are farewells or some words of encouragement. So for these last two minutes,

38:25 I want you to remember your grandma.

38:29 How strong and how hard she's been but I've always been there for you kids. So always remember me.

38:40 With love

38:43 All right hand.

38:47 I'm grateful to have had this opportunity to talk. I'm grateful to the people that that allowed us to do this grateful to have this time to spend with Mom with Tony and and let all of you in the future know that we were a family that was just unified and and strengthened by by love. And that's how we were raised that love is is what's most important you had to share that love with not only with each other but to share with others and always be helpful for for others. So, okay. Alright.

39:27 Thank you. Bye. Bye.