Tonya Keim and Aamie Smith

Recorded July 26, 2022 Archived July 26, 2022 48:25 minutes
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One Small Step partners Tonya Keim (43) and Aaime Smith (49) talk about their political beliefs and the 2016 Presidential Election.

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TK reads AS's bio, and asks her how she crafted her own political views while attending a liberal arts college.
AS shares what is was like having difficult conversations with her mother and what it is like to be the black sheep of the family.
TK asks AS about living in a small town with different political views.
AS reads TK's bio and asks her about her concerns around gun violence.
AS talks about how the Trump presidency helped small businesses, and TK asks how that impacts her beliefs on women's rights.
AS talks about the benefits Trump gave small businesses during his presidency.
AS asks TK what were her concerns with the 2016 election. She shares that she did not think Trump would win the election and was supportive of Hillary Clinton.
AS and TK talk about their critiques of government assistance on different sides of the political spectrum.
TK and AS talk about the importance of lived experience and conversations.


  • Tonya Keim
  • Aamie Smith

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