Top Colleges Around the World

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There is no shortage of guides available that claim to rank the top colleges around the world. While this is a helpful service for students who are trying to narrow down their top college picks, it is important to know how to solve math problems and what metrics these guides use. Here are some of the most common factors these guides consider.

Assessing academics at the top world colleges involves two different considerations. First is the quality and variety of degree programs available at the school, and second is the average academic performance of the students. These two considerations are often related, because students are more likely to master a subject if better classes and access to learning materials is more available.

Student Admission and Retention
Top world colleges are generally quite selective about the students they admit. They look for applicants who have a proven track record of academic success, leadership skills and a wide variety of interests. Recruiting the best students is not the only thing top colleges do well, however. They also hold on to the applicants they attract. Rankings usually take into account both acceptance rates and rates of retention between first- and second-year students.


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