Tracy Brown and Bryant Dunivan

Recorded January 17, 2022 Archived January 17, 2022 35:21 minutes
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Tracy Brown (35) talks with her boyfriend, Bryant Dunivan (36), about meeting each other for the first time, their blended family, their proudest and saddest moments raising their children, their divorces, achievements and spiritual moments.

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Bryant (B) asks Tracy (T) who is her most important person. T responds that her most important person is the person who changed the trajectory of her life and that is Logan, one of her sons who has severe ADHD. They discuss how she became a behavioral therapist because of it.
T asks B what has been his happiest moments with his children. B describes moments at the zoo figuring out what a giraffe is and animals are, those open eye moments. T adds in making friends and talks about their children becoming friends with each in their blended family.
T and B discuss the saddest moments of raising their children. This leads into a discussion with both speaking about their divorces both talking through if they made the right decision for their children at the time. T mentions that she was grateful for leaving her previous relationship but felt like she was failing her children.
T asks B if he has a love of his life. B responds that he didn't expect her but that it's her. T responds the same and adds that they now are buying a house and have four children together. They talk about both believing in love at first sight.
T asks B about his hardest break up. He mentions being 16 and then later talks about a girl who got away when he was six years old. T mentions her hardest break up was with her ex-husband. She then mentions a boy she dated in junior high school who died at a young age in a boating accident who she feels she should have appreciated more.
The couple talk more about divorce. T then asks B what advice would he give younger couples. B responds that younger couples should take a long time to get married and they both add if you don't want to don’t do it. They then talk about marrying each other by Christmas.
T asks B about his most profound moment. B recalls seeing a meteorite explode while in law school. T responds when she went back to school to finish her masters and adds that it was connected to a spiritual awakening moment.
The couple discuss classic family moments. T describes meeting a family friend Irene then jumping in the pool when her mother told her not to jump in and forgetting how to swim. B talks about a memory of getting leaves out of the pool then his father pushed him in.
Both T and B talk about getting in trouble as children. They then talk about how their discipline styles are different from each other with their own children. They end the conversation talking about their children being quiet during their recording.


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