Tracy Yellen and Ruben Vogt

Recorded January 13, 2023 Archived January 13, 2023 40:11 minutes
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Tracy Yellen (52) interviews her friend Ruben Vogt (38) about his early life, political career, public service, and LGBTQIA+ rights. The two also discuss the El Paso mass shooting that occurred in 2019 and Ruben chairing the One Fund committee, which was a financial fund set up to benefit survivors of the El Paso Walmart mass shooting.

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T recalls the El Paso, Texas Walmart shooting in 2019.
R recalls being asked to chair the One Fund committee.
R discusses his childhood and early life.
R talks about his parents' expectations of him.
R recalls receiving a scholarship to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).
R discusses getting his master's degree at UTEP and being able to travel the world as a result.
R recalls being asked to be a county judge.
R discusses being gay, his coming out story, and losing his best friend.


  • Tracy Yellen
  • Ruben Vogt

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La Fe Community Center

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