Tricialee Friedman and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Recorded January 15, 2020 Archived January 15, 2020 40:31 minutes
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Tricialee Friedman (31) talks with her new friend Ava Ahmadbeigi (26) about her family history and personal history with depression and trauma. They talk about the lore surrounding her father's alleged death or disappearance and how that has influenced her personal and familial trauma. Despite the trauma, Tricialee shares with Ava the special bond she and her fiancee have and the excitement about their upcoming wedding.

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T talks about growing up in San Jose, being raised by her mom and her mom's family, and says she lost her father at 1 year old.
T describes the lore around her father's death, not ever knowing the truth as a young kid, which taught her to lie.
T describes starting to uncover the truth about her dad and by doing so, learned who she was.
T says her father was threatening to go be with Jesus, homeless on the streets of San Francisco, and allegedly he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
T describes her relationship with her mom's side and describes cutting them out of her life last Christmas.
T talks about her self-care regimen: exercise, eating happily, taking her medications, and hygiene.
T describes being a pilates instructor and physical therapy aide.
T describes what she wants for her future and says she's found her purpose.


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Downtown Santa Monica