Tristen Lee and Kristi Koures

Recorded November 9, 2021 Archived November 9, 2021 54:18 minutes
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One Small Step partners Tristen Lee (25) and Kristi Koures (52) talk about their Arkansas roots, their relationship with God and the aftermath from losing a loved one.

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Tristen asks about Arkansas roots
Tristen asks about Kristi's experience in LA
Kristi asks about Tristen's reasons for pursuing a career in Physics
Tristen and Kristi talk about putting yourself first and knowing what you want
Tristen talks about why he calls his mom often and about losing his stepfather unexpectedly
Both Tristen and Kristi talk about their relationship with God
Kristi and Tristen talk about the influences from their moms
Tristen talks about national politics relating to Bradford, Arkansas


  • Tristen Lee
  • Kristi Koures

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KOSU Radio

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