Unpacking the “Modern Muslim Woman” with Suzy Ismail

Recorded May 13, 2019 Archived May 13, 2019 40:01 minutes
Id: APP636876


The phrase the “Modern Muslim Woman” has become a common phrase that’s been adopted to label Muslim American women. I interviewed Dr. Suzy Ismail, a known Islamic speaker and author on what she thinks about the term and whether it is problematic or not. As a Muslim woman myself, the term “Modern Muslim woman” seemed odd to me and I always thought the phrase was a way to make Islam easier for westerners to understand. Ismail was very knowledgeable on the topic and I couldn’t thank her enough for taking time out of her busy schedule and having me at her Cornerstone office in Piscataway.


  • Merna Ibrahim
  • Suzy Ismail

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