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For the average person, keeping a pet is a part of leisure, which can increase the joy of life, but for friends with depression, the companionship of pets does play an important role in reducing loneliness and depression, especially when emotional imbalances, Can play a buffering and comforting role; because many pet friends have often considered pets as part of family members, in emotional interaction, pets also naturally become the object of empathy for depression friends, especially cats and dogs to people Opportunities for contact, concern, sports and interpersonal interaction.

In addition to communicating with animals, people suffering from depression certainly need to communicate with other people, make new friends and have new relationships. It is important to learn something new, to walk, to devote to events, to try to lead an active lifestyle. Numerous social networks and messengers make it easier to establish relationships between people, some of which will help to always stay in touch, others, such as oLive will give people the opportunity to meet new people and at least have fun. But if communication with people can be a burden to someone, then communication with animals is usually much easier and more pleasant.

Many studies have pointed out that pets can soothe the mood of depression patients and soothe the mind. Studies have shown that people who withdraw from autism and refuse to communicate talk to animals first, then to the people who care for them, and finally to others. In addition, pets and people can establish a risk-free relationship. For patients with depression, pets have released their alienation from others and helped self-affirmation. In addition to depression and psychotherapy, friends with depression can use functional therapy to help them learn to stay away from depression in life, work, or leisure. The advantage of keeping pets is that they can help patients with depression to exercise regularly. Increase self-worth and responsibility.

However, it is not without crisis in empathy, too much indulge in self-pity with pets, or get out of control with cats and dogs under emotional anger, even because of the death of pets, because of unacceptability, anger, and mental pain . Helplessness, sadness, loneliness, and emotional crisis for friends with depression

There are three important things to keep in mind when a friend with depression has a pet, including the assessment of the condition by a professional physician or psychologist, whether it is suitable for raising a pet; determining the suitability for breeding; choosing a pet with mild temperament and non-nervity; taking care of the pet should also pay attention to emotional adjustment Follow up regularly. In the face of the death of your pet, you may wish to seek help from the anxiety of separation through support groups such as the Kennedy Association.


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