What makes it difficult for Students to Write a Descriptive Essay?

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Writing a exemplification essay is not as simple as a pie. Especially, a neophyte writer has to struggle a lot at the initial stage of writing to compose a handy essay. He has to fight tooth and nail to do so. At the same time, it is expedient to mention here that students must not fret out of writing detailed essays. Undoubtedly, some essays are simple to understand, but explaining those takes blood, sweat, and tears of students. A descriptive essay is also such an essay as it becomes a challenging task to compile them in depth.
What is Descriptive essay writing?
Students must understand the concept of descriptive essay writing before highlighting the reasons that make it difficult for students to compile it. A descriptive narrative essay demands a scribbler to describe a subject in detail. You have to involve all the sensory information to present a clear picture of the subject. 
You can choose a topic related to an ordinary place, person, or thing. A site could be a beautiful piece of nature that is a riverside, lush green high mountains, etc. You can also write about a random person that motivates you to do something positive. A person could be your grandfather, friend's elder brother, or your teacher. A thing could be your car, a house, etc.
It gives the liberty to an essay writer to ignore the time factor involved in memorizing the particular subject in the topic. In short, a writer is not bound to describe the topic in a specific time frame. However, the subject should have great significance for a writer. Otherwise, it becomes tough for a scribbler to mark down an explanatory essay.
Drawing a picture of the scene in such a way as a reader imagines that particular subject in its mind in a substantial way is essential. For this purpose, you've to draw a clear picture by involving all the sensory details in the text.
Why do students stick in the middle of compiling a descriptive essay?
Several reasons are there due to which neophyte scribblers struggle while creating a cohesive descriptive essay. A few of them are as follows.

Neglecting the importance of brainstorming leads a writer to a closed-end. Mostly, students consider writing a descriptive essay as easy as ABC. As a result, they put pen to paper without analyzing the subject critically. 
In descriptive essays, it is imperative to highlight the features or characteristics of the subject. It demands a writer to look deeply into the matter to uncover the subtle elements. For this purpose, a writer must have profound knowledge about the topic. When a student doesn't have sufficient information about a place, thing, or person, it gets stuck in creating a compelling essay.
Besides, it is tough for students to draw a vivid picture of the scene. It demands extraordinary writing skills, including a vast collection of words also. As students at the initial stage of writing don't have an extensive vocabulary and rhetoric writing style, so, they fail to express their thoughts splendidly.
Another hurdle that a few students confront in writing this genre of essay is that they mingle the concept of descriptive essay with the narrative essay. Thus, they become confused. It is, therefore, highly recommended for students to learn the difference between both essay types.

Descriptive essay writing service is about showing a moving picture not only of the subject but also its surroundings. However, a writer has to keep this thing in mind that highlighting unnecessary and indulging in explaining irrelevant stuff in the content. Doing so makes it difficult for the reader to read a comprehensive essay. 


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