"Using space to help us dream.” an interview with Margaret Kivelson with Fran Bagenal

Recorded March 14, 2019 Archived March 14, 2019 30:33 minutes
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In begin in 1979, when Margaret Kivelson, UCLA, was part one of three women presenting a talk in which Fran Bagenal, University of Colorado Boulder, was sitting in the audience. They have been space scientists and collaborators for many years since. In this conversation, they share the changes they’ve noticed over their many years of work, from funding challenges to the ever-increasing role of women in science today. The excitement which has kept them involved in space science continues to inspire them today.

“The goal is to be bigger than just existing,” Margie says. "By increasing understanding of everything in the universe, we make ourselves a more complete society," she states. They both love working with scientific models, asking and testing questions. “When something you come up with turns out to be right,” that is satisfying. Those calculations they provide help our space program keep going in the right direction. (Recorded 13 December 2018)


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