Usual freshman year mistakes and tips to prevent them

Recorded March 15, 2019 Archived March 15, 2019 03:21 minutes
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Every student has felt enthusiastic and all geared up to join college. It is undoubtedly the best time of life and is a lot of fun yet intriguing. Although you might be excited and eager to be part of one of the best institutes, there are some common mistakes that almost every freshman year student tends to do. They are not serious issues but if prevented can save you a lot of time, energy and money. On can be a lot more productive and fruitful if the college time is utilized smartly.

No matter how confused or lost you feel during the first year, remember that with a little planning and playing smart, you can have the best start of the most amazing journey of your life. Follow these tips and enjoy the ride.

Taking classes at unsuitable timings
The biggest mistake the student of freshman year does is taking classes early in the morning. You might be habitual of waking up early due to school but remember that the daily routine changes in college. You might have to stay up late to study or complete your work and waking up early the next day can be quite daunting. Avoid the early morning classes if you can, and if you do not have a choice, do not disturb your sleep patterns and sleep early and well to feel fresh and interested the next morning.

Not seeking help whenever stuck
You might be feeling a little confused or lost about a lot of things and may have not developed an association with your seniors and teachers but remember that seeking help when on need is never a bad idea and nothing to be ashamed of. If you are stuck at a task, an assignment or do not understand a topic take help from a peer, teacher or any Essay Writing Service UK and get the solution instead of wasting time and being worried.

Having unhealthy food
It is quite a norm to start having an unhealthy diet in college, as no one is there to prepare homemade meals. Students opt to eat junk food as they are cheaper and easier to get in their busy schedules, however, they are extremely bad for the health and affect physical and mental health. Try to eat to fresh fruits and vegetable for snacks and get hold of some handy recipes to be prepared at home easily so that you can have a balanced diet.

Many students do not realize that the tasks and homework in college are far more complex and time-consuming than they are used to do in school. It is not a good idea to leave the work for the last moment as it will affect the quality. You have to avoid procrastination at any cost otherwise you won’t be able to finish the work or will not be able to do it according to the required standard of your college.

Spending too much time out
We agree that college life is fun and the liberty to be at your own and enjoying life at your own terms is unmatchable, but you need to stay focused and remember that this is the path to your dreams and successful life. You can’t waste time by staying up all night or going out a lot more often than you should be. Remember that each second counts and you need to maintain focus and cannot drift away from your goals as it is not worth it.

Avoiding exercising
Most of the students joining the college tend to get overwhelmed by the tough routine and heavy workload resulting in avoiding their health. If you think you cannot inculcate time for exercise in your busy schedule you can adopt practices that are equal to working such as eating healthy, walking or cycling to the college instead of a ride, visiting the nearest open-air free gym whenever you get time etc.


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