Veda Ajamu and Josh Spickler

Recorded March 5, 2020 Archived March 5, 2020 38:33 minutes
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Veda Ajamu (52) and her friend Josh Spickler (45) share a conversation around their childhoods, passion for rectifying the criminal justice system, and personal observations on best approaches to discussions on racism.

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JS shares place of birth; family's move to Memphis; VJ shares place of birth, describes family and historical context surrounding birth; JS shares about parents, their marriage; father's engagement with Vietnam war; VJ shares mother's obstacles and her educational background; JS shares his passion for fairness and justice.
VJ describes her childhood; shares experience of being separated by race at school; differences in MS schooling vs Memphis and how it's inspired work in equity and inclusion; shares passions; shares impressions of Memphis after move from MS.
JS shares schooling experience; VJ shares missing elements from most race conversations; JS shares importance of seeking to understand one another.
VJ shares about siblings - one subject to an untimely death another's encounter with the criminal justice system.
VJ shares about the stigma attached to those who have been convicted; shares about the first time she saw her brother freed from prison.
VJ shares places that help her feel encouraged within the Civil Rights Museum; shares what should be done to understand conversations in racism.


  • Veda Ajamu
  • Josh Spickler

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National Civil Rights Museum

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