Victoria Chamberlin and Michael Chamberlin

Recorded April 18, 2022 Archived April 18, 2022 42:31 minutes
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Spouses Victoria Chamberlin (37) and Michael "Mike" Chamberlin (38) share their experience as an already married couple enlisting in the United States Army Band.

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VC asks MC why he joined the Army. MC shares that after being in higher education for 11 years, he learned you can be a full-time musician by enlisting in the Army. VC also learned about the opportunity through her job. They dropped everything and enlisted to be full-time musicians.
VC and MC discuss the struggles they faced as an already married couple in basic training. They share stories of how they went to Catholic services to see each other and exchange letters.
VC shares that the only time she saw MC was when she was in danger of failing basic training and a drill sergeant let them see each other for motivation.
MC shares his most memorable missions: a ceremony for a 4-star general in South Korea and an arrival in Germany for the top Ukrainian general.
VC and MC talk about their life abroad with their cat.
VC and MC share their reasons for leaving active duty and the next steps in their careers.
MC shares his family's military background. Four out of his six uncles were drafted in the late '60s during the Vietnam War.
VC and MC share how they met in graduate school at University of North Texas in the music program.


  • Victoria Chamberlin
  • Michael Chamberlin

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