Vince Whibbs and Rosetta Taylor

Recorded February 23, 2022 Archived February 23, 2022 00:00 minutes
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Colleagues Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs (77) and Rosetta Taylor (61) talk about the work they do with Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP) where they assist those leaving jail and prison with getting back into the community to become, self-sufficient and productive. They focus their discussion on starting the woman's division.

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Rosetta (R) discusses joining REAP and giving back to the community. R talks of her purpose being with women.
Vince (V) talks of being hesitant about starting the woman's program and being able to meet the specific needs of women. R talks of women having unique needs and talks of her experience in the Department of Veteran's Affairs and federal prisons. She talks of women not understanding re-entry in the community.
R describes the difference between women visiting men who are incarcerated versus men visiting women who are incarcerated and shares that women will support those in prison longer than talks of the women being mothers while incarcerated.
R talks about mental health and its complexities and the difference between a mental health provider and case worker. R describes addiction being between men and drugs. R discusses women looking for someone to take care of them.
R discusses with V about guiding women to dream and that some don't know how. V asks R if they work on long and short term goals. R describes talking with women inside about goals and outside and mentions SMART goals/attainable goals and celebrating the small goals.
V and R compare a person as being two different people on the inside and versus on the outside. They discuss assisting those in rediscovering who they are. R adds in that they develop a sisterhood within the woman's program. V talks of REAP giving a person a sense of responsibility.
V talks of helping to find a permanent source of income. R shares an example of a woman who had been in prison for 37 years and explaining the need to call out from work.
R and V discuss the progress of those in the program have made and their close contact with people and tracking with cooperation of the Department of Correction.
V converses with R about the process of loving oneself and then loving others that this is the first step towards progress. V talks of R as a leader and his gratitude of her.
R mentions starting a conference for re-entry professionals.


  • Vince Whibbs
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