Wanda Bridgeforth and Beth Finke

Recorded October 9, 2019 Archived October 9, 2019 50:44 minutes
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Wanda Bridgeforth (97) is interviewed by her friend Beth Finke (60) about growing up in Bronzeville, Chicago, her time at DuSable High School, and her love for writing.

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W talks about growing up in Bronzeville, on the South Side of Chicago.
W talks about her grandfather, and shares some history of her family during the Great Migration.
W talks about her first train ride from Chicago to Missouri when she was about six years-old.
W talks about her time at DuSable High School in Bronzeville, Chicago.
W talks about why she named her daughter Wanda Jr., and shares some memories of her husband and her mother.
W talks about her writing, and reflects on the blessings she's had in this life.


  • Wanda Bridgeforth
  • Beth Finke

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Chicago Cultural Center

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